NMK-1 Golden is the only patented variety of custard apple crop in India.

Features of NMK 1 Golden Variety

  1. Fruit density = 60 to 70 percent.
  2. Number of seeds in the fruit = 15 to 20.
  3. Average weight = 600 to 1000 grams.
  4. Colour = golden yellow.
  5. Other features = big eyes, attractive to look at. The fruit does not crack,
  6. Less incidence of diseases and pests than other species.
  7. Late maturation than other varieties result in higher market rates.
  8. Due to high sustainability, transportation, marketing and export are not a problem.

KEYS HIGHLIGHT of Madhuban Farm & Nursery: -

Sale of 60 lacs seedlings of NMK-1 Golden till date

More than 10000 satisfied farmers

More Than 3000 farmers are trained through various extension programmed like Trainings, Farm School, Conference and Seminars at Free of cost

Free loading and boarding facility to farmers and visitors

More than 1 lac visitors visit to Madhuban Farms Nursery

During covid 19 situation we provide 52 online trainings to farmers through various platforms like Facebook live, zoom meeting, Google meet, YouTube live and other platforms

We Provide scientific information of custard Apple production technology i.e., Good agricultural practices for profitable farming through various activities like farmers training program, informative videos and graphics, websites and other social media platform

We published 12th edition of “NMK-1 Golden Custard Apple” book in various languages like English, Hindi and Marathi