Madhuban Farm & Nursery has been cultivating custard apple seedlings on more than 40 acres of land for the last several years. Today more than 50 manpower are working in the field of Madhuban Farm Nursery and skilled managers with B.Sc. Agri and MBA are providing various services to the farmers.
Need is the mother of invention and the farmer is the real researcher, he said. Founded the organization.
Nana Saheb himself conducts a farmer training class at Madhuban Nursery every month on custard apple production technology and profitable farming with the aim of providing scientific information to the farmers about custard apple crop. There is no charge for this training course and it is conducted free of cost. All expenses for this training class are borne by Madhuban Farm & Nursery. The nursery has been modernized in 2016 and two magnificent shed nets of 10 R, one of 20 R, one of 30 R and four of 10acre have been erected.
The mother tree of NMK-1 Golden variety is available only at Madhuban Farm and Nursery. Barshi, Available at Solapur. This variety is not available for sale in any other nursery.
Today, NMK-1 Golden has been cultivated on more than 17,000 acres in Maharashtra and other states. Madhuban Farm and Nursery has indirectly contributed to the planting of trees by providing more than twenty lakh custard apple seedlings. Madhuban Farm and Nursery is famous among the farmers of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu etc.NMK-1 Golden seedling are also export and cultivated in other countries like USA and Tanzania.

KEYS HIGHLIGHT of Madhuban Farm & Nursery

  • Sale of 60 lacs seedlings of NMK-1 Golden till date
  • More than 10000 satisfied farmers
  • More Than 3000 farmers are trained through various extension programmed like Trainings, Farm School, Conference and Seminars at Free of cost
  • Free loading and boarding facility to farmers and visitors
  • More than 1 lac visitors visit to Madhuban Farms Nursery
  • During covid 19 situation we provide 52 online trainings to farmers through various platforms like Facebook live, zoom meeting, Google meet, YouTube live and other platforms
  • We Provide scientific information of custard Apple production technology i.e., Good agricultural practices for profitable farming through various activities like farmers training program, informative videos and graphics, websites and other social media platform
  • We published 12th edition of “NMK-1 Golden custard apple ” book in various languages like English, Hindi and Marathi

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