Lakh + seedlings of NMK-1 Golden Sold
+Satisfied Farmers in last 25 Years
+ farmers are trained through various programmes
+ visitors visits to Madhuban Farms Nursery
Madhuban Farm & Nursery

MADHUBAN FARM & NURSERY is established in 1996 by Dr. Navnath Malhari Kaspate who is engaged in Custard Apple farming since 1986. Madhuban Farm & Nursery developed its own Custard Apple Research Center at Gormale. More than 2500 varieties of Custard Apple was Developed through cross pollination 42 verities. Madhuban Farm & nursery has been cultivating custard apple seedling on more than 40 acers of land from last several years. Today  14 acers of modernized area is maintained by more than 100 employees at  Madhuban Farm & Nursery.

NMK-1 Golden Mother Plants are available only at Madhuban Farm and Nursery
More than 1700 acres land cultivated under NMK-1 Golden variety in India
NMK-1 Golden seedling are also export and cultivated in other countries like USA and Tanzania

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